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Welcome to the Official Digital Freemasonry NFT Marketplace. On the occasion of the establishment of a new Masonic direction known as Digital Freemasonry, the Official Digital Freemasonry Community (ODFC) is offering its inaugural NFT collection.

Before you begin the NFT purchase process, please prepare your MetaMask Wallet ID in advance, or if you do not have one, open it in advance. Otherwise, without a MetaMask Wallet ID you will not be able to buy and download NFT. We also recommend that you look at the detailed instructions on opening the MetaMask wallet and the process of downloading NFT, which can be found in the WALLET SETUP section.

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Digital Freemasonry

Digital Freemasonry is not an organization, it is a new form of Freemasonry, transformed from speculative – which evolved from operative Freemasonry. The main difference between the first two forms is that digital Freemasonry is organized as a decentralized organizational form and is managed by the Official Community of Digital Freemasonry (ODFC).


In order to preserve and further develop Freemasonry, we have built new digital tools adapted to the new digital age, both for the benefit of current and future generations of Freemasons.

In doing so, we will single out the Masonic Passport iOS and Android App and Intiation Tool which are already in use.

In order for every Digital Freemason to get an equal chance to participate and help develop our joint project, and in return be rewarded, we decided to create a sustainable ecosystem within which we will enable buying, selling, collecting and exchanging various types of NFT’s through the NFT marketplace.

What is NFT?

The acronym NFT consists of three words: “non-fungible token.” The English term “fungible” is used in economics and means a form of property and things that can be exchanged for another property or thing of the same value.

The simplest example of such a form of property is money, more precisely cash. For example, you can exchange a 100€ banknote for another 100€ banknote, two 50€ banknotes or 10€ banknotes. The parties that have exchanged banknotes are not at a profit or loss.

If something is marked as “non-fungible”, it means that it cannot be replaced even if two types of assets can have the same value.

An example of this is real estate. Each property has unique specifications and finding another property that has the same characteristics and the same value would be virtually impossible, so they cannot be replaced.

The token can most easily be translated as a certificate stored on a blockchain network. The principle is the same as with cryptocurrency information also stored on the blockchain (transfer time, amount, etc.)

Thus, NFT is a form of digital asset that cannot be exchanged for another NFT, and information about its purchase or ownership is transparent as it is stored on the blockchain network.

Because this record is stored on a blockchain network, each NFT is unique and its data cannot be changed.

How NFT works?

NFT is a unique form of a digital asset that works differently from cryptocurrencies, although they are most often bought in cryptocurrencies.

NFT is a unique form of digital asset or a unique digital record stored on a blockchain network. Also, many NFT projects are created with the help of smart contracts. For example, if you buy NFT, a smart contract will make the transfer for you.

With a smart contract, each NFT can have more detailed information such as the details of the person listed as the owner of the NFT, the current value and the like.

Why is all this information about the owner of NFT and their storage on the blockchain important at all?

NFT digital assets can be a variety of tangible and intangible things, from artwork, writings, nudes, videos, music to tickets to various events.

It can be compared to collectibles. However, with NFT, instead of physical ownership, the collection owner has a unique digital certificate of ownership stored on the blockchain network.

Because cryptographic technology prevents any kind of data manipulation, it is very easy to get information about who owns and how he bought NFT.

What are the characteristics of NFT?


As already mentioned, every NFT is unique and cannot be easily falsified. Each NFT has unique data (metadata) that cannot be manipulated and that prove the authenticity of the work.

Limited quantities

Many NFT projects, like ours, have a specific number of NFTs to be produced. The limited amount of NFTs means that some of them can be very rare. When something is rare it attracts the interest of a large number of people, and ultimately NFT can therefore achieve greater value.


Since all NFT data is stored on the blockchain, it is easy to get insight into information about the creator, buyers (if the work has been sold more than once), etc. Such a degree of transparency confirms authenticity and eliminates the need for third party verification.


Because NFTs are based on blockchain technology, they cannot be deleted, they cannot be modified, nor can they be replaced by another NFT. This also applies to the ownership of NFT. Once you purchase NFT (provided it was an agreement with the author), you become the owner of all copyrights. Compare that to music services like Spotify, iTunes and the like. With such services you buy a license to listen to music, while with NFT you are the full owner of the work.

What is the point of NFT's?

A common question asked by first-time NFT buyers is “Why would I buy NFT when I can easily download it to my own computer?”

By purchasing Digital Freemasonery NFT, you get the following multiple benefits:

  • Simple proof of ownership
  • The opportunity to create collections through your own personalized gallery
  • The possibility of later exchange or resale to other collectors
  • Dividend authorization status (described later)

Collection 333 “Founder of Digital Freemasonry” NFT 

This first collection is extremely special, unique and therefore very valuable, because it brings a unique status and classifies every owner of the NFT as the “Founder of Digital Freemasonry”.

The collection is only 333 NFTs.

The collection consists of four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium, and each category is represented by one of four elements: earth, air, water and fire.

Each of the four elements has its own symbolism, but united they represent much more than it seems at first glance. Thus Earth, Air, Water and Fire traditionally correspond to what we call the four corners of the world, the four seasons, the four natural kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal and human), the four levels of man (body, intellect, feelings, spirituality), the four phases of human consciousness (objective, subjective, subconscious, and cosmic) and the four life cycles (childhood, youth, adulthood, and old age).

Therefore, it can be said that this is a fourfold law that you can own by buying NFT from each category, and thus own the “Collection”.

You can purchase one or more official NFT’s from the first collection of “Founder of Digital Freemasonry” on our Marketplace.

How to buy NFT with Credit Card?

After purchasing the “Founder of Digital Freemasonry” NFT by credit card, an ODFC host will contact you by e-mail, with instructions and assistance in delivering NFT to your digital wallet.

Funds raised from the sale of 333 NFTs will enable faster project development. Thus, as the owner of NFT, you become an important factor in the development of digital tools. We will also donate 10% of the funds raised to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Thank you very much for participating! 3×3


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